Nichols Observes National Coming Out Day

Today, Oct. 11, is #NationalComingOutDay, which is dedicated to raising awareness of civil rights for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

At Nichols College, there are two organizations dedicated to raising awareness and support of the LGBTQ community: NC PRIDE and SAFE ZONE.


NC PRIDE is a student-run organization that works to enhance connections between students in the LGBTQ and Ally community. Open to all students and building on a strong network of Ally involvement, this group plans events, hosts speakers, trips, and social gatherings; both on campus and off.  If you would like to be included on the PRIDE email list to be notified of events, meetings and opportunities, please email

  • The next PRIDE meeting will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 22, in the Eaton Foyer of Daniels Auditorium. We will be electing officers, making plans for the year and serving pizza and drinks. Please join us.
  • PRIDE will be giving away NICHOLS PRIDE wristbands today (Oct. 11) at lunch in Lombard Dining Hall. Please stop by the table for more information, take a guess at our candy give-away, and pick up information about the Oct. 22 meeting.
  • The Social Programming Board will host a treat table on the Birkhead Patio today (Oct. 11) and welcome spoken word poet Lacey Roop today at 8 p.m. in the Fels Main Lounge.  SODEXO has also planned something special to celebrate.


SAFE ZONE is an awareness program designed to improve visibility and support to LGBTQ students and employees at Nichols College. While other minority individuals can often identify role models and mentors, the invisibility of sexual orientation makes it difficult for LGBTQ members of the Nichols community to ascertain where they can safely turn for support and information.

Safe Zone

The SAFE ZONE symbol is a message to LGBTQ students and colleagues that an employee has participated in the SAFE ZONE training and is committed to increasing their knowledge of and sensitivity to LBGTQ issues.  The symbol allows the campus community to identify program members and know that they can speak freely with these individuals about issues, including sexual orientation and gender identity, which may affect their academic success or job satisfaction.  There are certainly many affirming members of the Nichols College community to any and all populations – those that display the SAFE ZONE symbol have taken a few extra steps to align themselves as educated and aware of the issues facing the LGBTQ population in particular.

Faculty and staff members who have not yet had a chance to participate in the SAFE ZONE training and who are interested in becoming a member are welcome to email to be contacted regarding an upcoming training opportunity.

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