Statement Regarding Thunder, Nichols College’s Bison Statue

From Nichols College Dean of Students P.J. Boggio: “Thunder, the Bison statue on the sidewalk outside of Fels [Student Center at the corner of Center and Healey roads] is no longer standing at his post. [Monday morning, Feb. 4, 2019], following a careful inspection we determined that the extent of the damage done to Thunder had compromised the structural integrity of the statue and therefore could be a safety risk for the community. As soon as we are able, we will have a professional do a further inspection and help determine if he can be repaired or not.

” … Thunder was intentionally knocked over [Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019] night to celebrate the Patriots win in the Super Bowl. While it’s become somewhat of a tradition to take pictures with the Bison during the highlights that happen during the year, no one has ever maliciously knocked him over before. Over the years I’ve loved the Tweets and Snaps I’ve seen of our students with Thunder; as incoming new students and each year after on move-in day… in the cap and gown at graduation… Once he appeared in a student’s Christmas Card, and even when the Red Sox won the World Series! Several of you said it best when you said… ‘He was one of us’ … ‘He was a part of our home here.’

“Today has shown me that despite the reckless acts of a few, our community is strong and our traditions matter. That there is a very real feeling of connection and belonging and ‘home’ to our little Nichols College campus on this hill. Be well, make good choices, and let your common sense prevail and your voices – when it’s time – be heard.”#RespectTheThunder #JusticeForThunder #BisonPride#GoBison #ThISIsNichols

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