Advising Day, Majors Fair Help Nichols Students Find a Path Toward Their Future


Nichols College cares about their students and is always finding ways to improve their experience, social and education wise. For first-year students, starting college can be a stressful time in their lives, but Nichols makes sure students are comfortable every step of the way.

Choosing a major is also an important step that could be difficult, especially since Nichols offers so many options.

To help students determine their field of study, Nichols decided this year to hold a formal Advising Day, including an Academic Majors Fair, on Oct. 16, 2018. Students had the opportunity to speak directly with faculty and peers about their options.

“Advising Day was a great opportunity for first-year students to see what other majors and minors are offered,” said K.C. Poplawski, Nichols College’s director of advising services.

“Students could benefit from the Majors Fair by the fact that all the information they need and faculty and students in the majors are all in one place,” added Poplawski, who oversaw the Majors Fair. “It’s also less intimidating and more welcoming.”


After students checked out the booths, they were required to meet with their advisor for a group advising session. These sessions help students see what kind of classes they should or are required to take and to gain a general knowledge of their major.

“Advising Day was designed to help students be able to meet face to face with Nichols faculty,” said Professor Luanne Westerling, associate dean for business and chair of the Emerging Leaders Program at Nichols. “It’s a better way of communication and gets the message across. We send out lots of emails, but it can be hard to get the point across, because some disregard them.”

This year’s Academic Majors Fair saw one of its biggest turnouts, but there was an even better one for Advising Day. This was the first time Nichols held an advising day during which classes were shortened for all undergraduate students.

“Advising Day and the Majors Fair were great opportunities for me as a student, because I got to meet other faculty and students involved in certain majors,” said Jordan Torres, a first-year student from Worcester, Mass., who is studying psychology. “There are also new academic programs I didn’t know Nichols had, and I felt like I could really focus on what I want for my future.”

These opportunities may even lead to internships for the future. By connecting with Nichols faculty and putting themselves out there, students are given the tools to help them decide how they want to design their future.

Hence, the ball is in their court.

“For faculty, Advising Day and the Majors Fair help them get to know what a student’s academic and career interests are,” Professor Westerling pointed out. “Once you create a relationship with a student and that grows, you know not only their educational goals but also their personal goals.”


Personally, I came to Nichols College as an undeclared major, and I thought I wanted to go into Criminal Justice. After connecting with various English and communications professors, however, I realized during my first year and sophomore year that English and communications are my niche.

Networking is key at Nichols College, and everyone should take advantage of the networking opportunities that the College offers. To all the undeclared first-year students, and even sophomores, out there, don’t be afraid to take that leap and explore a variety of academic programs before you find The One. It’s okay to not immediately know what you want—but just take the plunge, and don’t look back.

Advising Day was developed by the Nichols Advising Team and the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate representatives who worked to bring it to life were Associate Professor of Communication and Marketing Program Chair Jean Beaupré and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Management Boyd Brown. The following worked together to bring Advising Day to life: the Nichols advising team, Andrea Becker, Professor Beaupré, Professor Brown, Professor Westerling, Associate Dean for Liberal Arts Jason Price, Ph.D., Academic Affairs Vice President and Professor Mauri Pelto, Ph.D., and Maureen Butler, assistant to the vice president for academic affairs.

Hope Rudzinski is a junior English major and communications minor, and a public relations assistant in the Nichols College Office of Marketing and Communications.

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