Nichols Students Meet Alumni Who Work for New Balance, Tesla

Nichols students stand in front of New Balance sign

Nichols College students met with alumni who work at New Balance headquarters.


Nichols College students stand in front of Tesla sign

Nichols College students met with Connor Anderson ’17, who works for high-tech, green car manufacturer Tesla.

Eight Nichols College students had the opportunity last week to visit alumni Jesse Plouffe ’03 and Alexa Smith ‘16 of New Balance and Connor Anderson ’17 of Tesla.

A couple of the students reflected on the networking experience:

“I appreciated how Connor Anderson was able to share his experiences as such a recent graduate in the professional workplace.” – Student Brian O’Riordan ’19

“I really enjoyed meeting the alumni and hearing about their respective careers. I am still not confident in what I want to do after graduation, so it was very valuable to see some of the avenues that alumni have taken. My primary concern is finding a career with an impact—I want to find a job that makes me feel like I am part of something exciting. It was great to meet two people that clearly felt they were part of something bigger than themselves. I thought the culture at New Balance was so cool and really fit with my interests, and Tesla was very innovative and re-ignited my interest in STEM innovation. It was a successful day, and I left with a lot of ideas and loads of inspiration.”  – Student Victoria Gibbs ’19

As always, we are thankful to our alumni who welcomed our students and shared their professional experiences. Please contact the alumni office if you are in contact with a Nichols grad who would be open to hosting students.

Jillian Riches is the graduate assistant for Nichols College’s Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations. Contact her at

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